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Academic Audit

Academic Audit

To further strengthen the processes and procedures for academic quality assurance and enhancement, IQAC plans and conducts various levels of Academic Audit at the constituent institutes of the University from time to time. The objectives of the Academic Audit are to ensure the quality of teaching and administration to identify strengths and areas of improvement of faculty, departments and Institutes.

The Academic Audit is carried out at three levels, namely the Audit at the individual level (Peer Faculty Classroom Observation), the Audit at the department level and the Audit at the university level / Audit by external experts.

Where a senior colleague observes the classroom teaching of a newly recruited faculty member. He identifies the strengths and areas of improvement of the newly recruited faculty member and acts as the mentor to overcome the deficiencies if any. The purpose of observation is to make classroom content delivery effective and make student learning fruitful by shaping and sharpening novice teachers under the guidance of their experienced colleagues.
Wherein an independent audit panel conducts the audit of various departments of an institute. The panel evaluates the performance of department in the areas of teaching, research, administration, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, extension activities, etc. The purpose of the department level academic audit is to observe the effectiveness of department level educational processes and to ensure quality in teaching, research and extension activities. At the same time, it is to check if the policies are adhered to and standards are maintained as per university norms at various departments (or area) within the constituent institutes.

Wherein the audit panel assesses:

  • curriculum development and delivery;
  • the infrastructural facilities;
  • use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in teachinglearning and administration process by the institute;
  • course feedback methodology;
  • future plans of the institute;
  • student counselling process;
  • research plans of the constituent institutions.

The University Level Academic Audit is conducted to:

  • ensure proper institutional functioning;
  • monitor adherence to academic and research standards;
  • offer guidance for better ways of teaching-learning and academic administration;
  • be a motivating force to achieve excellence in all the activities leading to fulfilment of vision and mission of the University.

Audit by the External Experts

wherein the audit panel consists of external members who are visionary, senior academicians, researchers, domain experts.

The panel constituted for every institute carries out the audit with a view to:

  • appraise good practices;
  • highlight strengths;
  • guide to overcome weakness if any;
  • suggest improvements in the academic and administrative processes to the constituent institutes.

The audit panel for all the above levels evaluates on parameters based on the criteria set by the national accreditation agencies, bodies like UGC, NAAC, NBA, etc. The panel also reviews the compliance by the institute (or department) to the findings of the previous committee visit (internal audit or audit by accreditation body) and the progress in this line.