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Other Activities

Other Activities


Faculty/Staff Awards and Incentives

The university has a rich tradition of recognising the performance and achievements of the outstanding faculty/staff and the various administrative sections of the university through awards and incentives.
Every year, Nirma University recognises faculty/staff excellence through several awards and incentives as nominated by the departments, areas, and sections and selected by various award committees.

The process of inviting applications and giving awards and incentives is coordinated by IQAC.

Adoption and Dissemination of the Best Practices

Modern universities operate in a highly competitive and volatile environment. Therefore, it is imperative for the university to focus on monitoring, adopting and disseminating the best practices to cope with the latest trends.

Keeping in mind the vision and mission of Nirma University, the local and global concerns, the nature of learners, competencies of staff, infrastructure facilities and governance requirements, IQAC works in close coordination with the university management, Heads of the constituent institutes of the university and academic experts to identify and implement best practices for achieving holistic academic and research excellence.